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Dhyana Mudra

                   Dhyana Mudra is Gesture of Meditation. Dhyana is Sanskrit word and it means Meditation. Dhyana Mudra improve the ability to concentrate. If you are Meditation practitioner then you must have seen lots of Buddha statue in Dhayan Mudra. In Buddhism, the tips of thumb touched in this mudra. That forms the shape of a triangle which represents the three jewels of Buddhism - Buddha, Sangha (community) and Dharma (teachings). This Meditation mudras used for heal better the body and mind.

Monk is meditating in Dhyana Mudra
Dhyana Mudra

              This is most popular mudra or hand gesture used for Meditation. You can see most of meditation practitioner use this mudra for better concentration and meditation. You can also seen this mudra in most of Buddha’s statue.

               First find a place which is not too noisy and crowded, where you will not get disturbed. You can join any Meditation center near by your Home city or you can also practice meditation in your house / room.

How to do Dhyana mudra?

Monk doing Meditation in Dhyana Mudra Yoga Mudra
How to do Dhyana Mudra

Steps -
  1. After seating in yoga posture or pose for meditation, place your left hand slightly below navel or bellybutton on the lap, with palm facing upward and fingers straight.
  2. Now place the right hand above the left hand, with palm facing upward and fingers straight.
  3. Then touch the tips of thumbs gently by little - bit folding fingers of both hand thus forming a mystic triangle with thumbs.
  4. Now closed your eyes, take couple of deep breath and start Meditation. 
Note -
  • The left hand palm must touch the back of finger of right hand.
  • The tips of thumbs must touch gently not forcefully otherwise you will hurt yourself and instead of meditation - inner peace, you’ll fill disturbance and pain.
  • For Yoga and Meditation wear something comfortable clothes. Too tight cloths will distract you.
  • Do not practice Yoga on hard surface, it will hurt your skeleton and internal organs too.
         So you must do Yoga on Yoga Mat.

Benefits of Dhyana Mudra -

  1. Dhyana Mudra helps and let you to control your emotions or feelings.
  2. This Yoga Mudra increases concentration power.
  3. This Yoga Mudra help to enhance memory.
  4. This Yoga Mudra helps to get ride of the stress and the mental pressure.
  5. This Yoga Mudra helps to balances right and left sides of body.
  6. This Yoga Mudra used for better healing of the body and mind.
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