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Prithvi Mudra

         Prithvi is the Sanskrit word and it means 'Earth'. Mudra means Gesture of Hands. Prithvi mudra is the Gesture of Earth. Prithvi Mudra increases Earth element within body. This Meditation mudras used for heal better the body and mind.

Girl doing meditation in Prithvi Mudra
Prithvi Mudra

              This is most popular mudra or hand gesture used for Meditation. You can see most of meditation practitioner use this mudra for better concentration and meditation. You can also seen this mudra in most of Buddha’s statue.

               First find a place which is not too noisy and crowded, where you will not get disturbed. You can join any Meditation center near by your Home city or you can also practice meditation in your house / room.

How to do Prithvi Mudra?

Hand is in Prithvi Mudra gesture for meditation
How to do Prithvi Mudra

Steps -
  1. After seating in yoga posture or pose for meditation, touch the tip of your ring finger with that of thumb to form a perfect circle with thumb and finger.……(as shown in pic.)
  2. Gently press the tips of ring finger and thumb.
  3. Keep other three fingers straight.
  4. Hold this mudra and place the hands on your knee with palm facing upward. 
  5. Now closed your eyes, take couple of deep breath and start Meditation.
Note -
  • The tips of thumb and ring finger must touch gently not forcefully.
  • Do not press too hard otherwise you will hurt yourself and instead of meditation, inner peace you’ll fill disturbance and pain.
  • For Yoga and Meditation wear something comfortable clothes. Too tight cloths will distract you.
  • Do not practice Yoga on hard surface, it will hurt your skeleton and internal organs too.
         So you must do Yoga on Yoga Mat.

Benefits of Prithvi Mudra -

  1. Prithvi Mudra or hand gesture helps to boost new tissue growth, muscle and fiber building.
  2. This mudra is good for healing process.
  3. This mudra regulates metabolic process and body temperature.
  4. This mudra really helpful in enhancing hair, nails, brittle bones and dry skin etc. 
  5. This mudra increases earth element within body. And decreases fire element in body.
  6. This mudra heals acidity, ulcers in the mouth and stomach.
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