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Hi there,
          Welcome To (

        My name is Shekhar Sardar. I am professionally Fitness Trainer (CrossFit). Also certified expert in Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts and Physical Therapy. Fitness is my Everything. Recently, I started working as Fitness Model and competition. 

                        I love what I do. And I am really good at it. I am fighter not quitter.

        My ( website is all about the Fitness, including Meditation, Yoga, Gym and Martial Art, Tai-Chi etc. My mission, my goal is to make whole world Fit and Healthy. Therefore, I decided to share my knowledge of Fitness, Martial Art and Healthy Life Style with you. As I get time, I will update my site & share my knowledge to the world through this website.  

                       You can contact me anytime for query about fitness. 

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