Gyan Mudra (Gesture of Knowledge) How to do & Benefits

 A girl meditating in Gyan Mudra or hand gesture for meditation by touching index fingers with that of thumb
Gyan Mudra / Gesture of knowledge

                      This is most popular mudra or hand gesture used for Meditation. You can see most of meditation practitioner use this mudra for better concentration and meditation. You can see this mudra in most of Buddha’s statue. 

             Gyan Mudra is Sankrit word & it means "Gesture of Knowledge" aka "Gesture of Consciousness".

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                                    You can meditate sitting on the ground or chair or on 
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How to make Gyan mudra ?

Steps –

A kid meditating in Lotus Pose with Gyan Mudra / hand gesture on grass in Sunny days of summer
How to make Gyan Mudra / Gesture of knowledge

                       i) After seating in yoga posture or pose for meditation, join the tip of your thumbs and index fingers to form a perfect circle with thumb and finger.

                       ii) Keep other three fingers straight.

                      iii) Hold this mudra and place the hands on your knee with palm facing upward.

                       iv) Now closed your eyes, take couple of deep breath and start Meditation.

Note –

               i) In Thunderbolt pose or Vajrasana, hold this mudra and place the hands on your thighs with palm facing down.

               ii) You can Meditate anytime - anywhere you want, try to meditate on  Yoga Mat (comfortable one), which I purchased from Amazon. 

Benefit –

             i) This Mudra or hand gesture boost creative thinking.
            ii) This mudra increases concentration power.
           iii) This mudra help to enhance memory.
           iv) This mudra increase air element within body.

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