What is Meditation?


                                                Meditation is the state of “thoughtless awareness”.

Buddha statue Buddha taught many different types of Meditation
Buddha Statue

                                                The Buddha taught many different types of meditation, each designed to encourage and develop concentration, inner peace, calmness, clarity and emotional positivity to overcome a particular problem. The main purpose behind all kinds of meditation is to reach at the state of mind that is 'Thoughtless Awareness'.

                                         Thoughtless Awareness is the state where your attention is not focused on any particular object, but reposes on itself - steady, quiet and empty. This state of mind is called as "Meditation".

                                          Meditation means transforming the mind. Many people think meditation means a concentration on particular object, but its not. Concentration is the only first step in meditation, then you reach at the new state of mind, that state called as "Meditation" i.e. "Thoughtless Awareness".

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