Namaste Namaskar Mudra - Meaning, How to do, 6 Benefits


           Lets first understand the real Meaning of Namaste.

Man is seated in Namaste and showing Meaning of Namaste
Namaste Meaning

Namaste Meaning

                Namaste mudra is also known as 'Namaskar Mudra'. Namaste is the combination of two Sanskrit words, 'Nama' + 'Aste'. Where Nama means 'Salutation' and Aste means 'to you'. So Namaste means 'Saluatation to you' similar to Hello, Hi, Hola. Namaste Mudra is used to greeting each other in India and now its becoming popular in whole world because of the YOGA.

How to do Namaste

Girl showing How to do Namaste in lotus pose yoga
How to do Namaste

  1. First Calm your mind with one deep breath-in.
  2. While exhaling or breath-out, bring the palms together in front of the Chest.
  3. Slightly press the palms together.
  4. Your fingers should point upward and thumb should touch to the chest.
  5. Bend slightly from the waist and at the same time slightly bow down the neck.
  6. And then say " NAMASTE ". Pronounce Namaste as Na-ma-stay.

Note and Precaution -

Note Namaste mudra Precaution
Note Namaste mudra Precaution

  1. You can close your eyes when you bow down and say Namaste.
  2. Hold your fingers together instead of spreading them apart as you touch your palms together.
  3. There shouldn't be a gap between thumb and chest when you press your palms together.
  4. Your elbows should be out when you press your palms together.
  5. Do not press your palms too hard, so that it won't hurt phalanges and wrist.

Benefits of Namaste

Benefits of Namaste Mudra
Benefits of Namaste

  1. Namaste Mudra reduces Stress.
  2. Namaste Mudra helps in decreasing Anxiety.
  3. Namaste Mudra calms your mind.
  4. Namaste Mudra creates flexibility in wrist, finger, hands and arms.
  5. Namaste Mudra opens the Heart chakra.
  6. Namaste Mudra helps to calm the Brain.

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