Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use
Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

               When you use my site, I collect some data or information about the Web Browser you are using. Read further to understand, what data collect, why and how I use it. This guide includes not only Privacy Policy but also Terms of use of this site.

Privacy Policy -

                    Your Privacy is very important to or me. My primary goal (purpose) of this site is to spread the knowledge, information and my personal experience about the Health and Fitness, not the use your info. for illegal activity or to hack your system or to black-mail you.
                     In general you can visit - , this site without telling me who you are. On this site you may see the Google's advertisement, Amazon or any other third party advertisement. Read below to fully understand everything about it.

Information we may collect -
                    The information collected from you may include your name and e-mail id, only when you subscribe to website for receiving latest or new updates for more information related to Fitness or Health.

How we use information, we collect?
                       When you visit my website, I may use cookies or similar technology to identify your browser or device to provide a better vision of my website. Similar third party advertisement like Google, Amazon may use cookies on this site to serve ads based on visitors (your) interest.

Information collected by Third-party -
                  My , site may include third party advertise, links to other website. I don't provide any of your personal information to those advertiser or third party website.  These third party advertiser or advertising company or website may use tracking technology to provide advertise to your browser. They automatically receive your browser information & may IP address. They also can use cookies or other technology to provide and measure effectiveness of their advertise.
              In short, I don't and will not provide any of your personal or private information to advertiser etc.

Terms of Use -

    , this website is about Fitness and Health. I do not include or promote nudity or sexual activity (not only content but also images) in my website. I have zero tolerance about spam messages, e-mail or comments in bad language that leads to sexuality, under the post or somewhere else. You are free to ask me anything about Fitness or Health but in good language. So just be careful before you comment or I can & will report to government authority.


Copy-right - 

                   All the content is protected in . All the articles in this site are my own experience (not the copy from other authors or websites). All the images used in are under CC0 (Creative Common Zero) act or law. Some of them images are my own.
                  But then again, if you encounter that content or images of my website , are yours or you have a right to do not reproduce it for commercial purpose, first please contact me, simply mail me on or and let me know.

Disclosure -

                  We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
                 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

                   All content of this website are protected by DMCA law U.S and Indian copyright ©. So do not try to reproduce any content of this site.

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