How to do Shambhavi Mudra & Shambhavi Mahamudra what is it?

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CCP C@R@NA Virus Plandemic. That's what happened to mother Earth in 2020. Yes, it's Plandemic, NOT Pandemic.
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Alright, let's just focus on todays Meditation Practice article.
(*For returning users only - Variation of 2nd Session)

            This is Second Session or Episode of... 

Shambhavi Mudra

            I hope you are practicing the first Shambhavi Session everyday for minimum 5 minutes daily, because I published the first session Basic Shambhavi Mudra almost 10 months ago.

And Now, 
            It’s time to learn Next step in Shambhavi Mudra. In the first session of Shambhavi Meditation our Breath was at normal depth and at normal speed.

            But this is Second Session of Shambhavi Mudra Meditation.

Which will be different than the first session. So focus on my words. Carefully read instruction step by step.

            And just do it while reading this article or Watching video at the end, OK?

In this second session of Shambhavi Mudra, our main focus will be on increasing,
  1.  Lung Capacity,
  2.  Mind Receptivity and
  3.  Awareness on two Different things at the Same Time.
            Because when we will reach at Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, we are going to need a good Lung Capacity.

Lung Capacity for Shambhavi Mahamudra
Lung Capacity for Shambhavi Mahamudra

            Why?... I will explain at the end of this Shambhavi Mudra Session Second Episode.

            I am assuming that you have watched, read and practiced our first session of Shambhavi Mudra.
If you didn't, then don’t Start from this article / video. This is second session of Shambhavi Mudra.

            Go to our YouTube channel and Start practicing and learning from first video session or read this article, → First Session or Episode. Don't start in the middle. Don't practice this Second Session of Shambhavi, until you learn the basic in first session. OK?

Alright Now...

            Here are some guidelines that will help you to prepare your mind and increase Receptivity of this practice of Shambhavi Mudra.

            Make sure your mobile phones are in Silent mode or Switched off. If you are watching on mobile then use service like D-N-D. (Do Not Disturb)

            If you wear Glasses or Contact lens while doing the Yoga or Meditation, Please remove them and keep them aside.

            One more last advice from me to you by my own experience - Do Not practice Shambhavi Mudra with Full stomach or immediately after a meal.

Let's do it together, while you read it or watching Shambhavi mudra with me.
Like the last time, 
We practice Shambhavi mudra together.
Are You Ready?

How to do Shambhavi Mudra?

            First, find a place where you will be Undisturbed for period of Time.
            Second, find a Comfortable Seat, if you are Outdoor.

Outdoor Meditation Practice of Shambhavi Mahamudra
Outdoor Meditation

            If you are Indoor, you can sit on the floor - cushion or chair where you can feel comfortable. I prefer on the floor with cushion or Yoga Mat. 

Now, take couple of Deep Breath and Calm your Mind. Relax your whole body.

            Sit comfortably with cross legged posture aka Indian posture - Sukhasana, as shown in 1st session of Shambhavi Mudra article video.
            You can sit in Lotus pose - Padmasana. You can sit in any posture you like. But this is second session of Shambhavi Mudra and we are sitting in Siddhasan.
As you are watching now... ↴

Siddhasana for Shambhavi Mahamudra
Siddhasana for Shambhavi Second Session Episode

            Make sure your Spine or Backbone is "Comfortably" erect. Hands uncrossed and Palms open.

We will hold "Gyan Mudra", which is the Yoga Mudra for Meditation.

            To make Gyan mudra, join the tip of your thumb and index finger to form a perfect circle with that of thumbs and fingers.
            Keep other three fingers straight.

Hold this mudra and place the hands on your knee with palm facing upward.
            Make sure, you’re Hands and Shoulder Must be loose and relax.

Now, take couple of Deep breath and calm your mind.

            With your eyes opened look at the center of your eyebrows, where they meet or touch or connect.
For Shambhavi Mahamudra look at Centre of Eyebrows
Centre of Eyebrows for Shambhavi Mudra Meditation

            You can clearly see and feel the 'V' shape made by the both eyebrows at the center, where two curved lines meeting and forming 'V' shape.

            Now, concentrate at that V shape or the center of both eyebrows for 3 Heartbeats or 3 Seconds - where these two curved lines meet.

            Now, slowly - very slowly, Close your eyes and Focus between your eyebrows.

Do NOT Concentrate, just maintain the Natural Focus between your eyebrows.

            Be conscious of the movement of Deep Breath.

Drifting Into Thought While Meditation Practice
Distracted Thoughts During Shambhavi Meditation 

If you noticed yourself drifting off into your thoughts, Simply bring your Focus back to Breath.

Breath-in, Breath-out.     Breath-in, Breath-out.

Now read / watch / listen carefully. When you Breath-out completely
            Hold your breath for 3 Heartbeats or 3 seconds.
And then breath-in very slowly and deeply.

You don't need to make noise or Sound of Breathing.

            Remember, your Breath should be Deep Breath-in. But very slowly, breath-in.

Continue to practice like this for 10 to 20 minutes, because you are not Beginner anymore.
    You are practicing with me for more than 10 months now.

            Now, slowly - very slowly, Open your Eyes.

Shambhavi Meditation Feelings After Completion
Shambhavi Feelings After Meditation 

❝ Feel the Freshness, Feel the Inner Peace, 
        Feel the Happiness within. 
Enjoy that Blissful Moment with Me and your inner-self. ❞

And now, second part of this article. 

            What is Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya? Wait, Before that tell me,

How was your experience of Shambhavi Mudra Second Session, with me? How did you feel?
            Tell me in the Comment box of the video, Love to Hear it from you.

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What is Shambhavi Mahamudra?

            Shambhavi Mahamudra is a big topic and has lots of information like its origin, Shambhavi Mudra Benefits, Full Introduction, and History, difference between - Shambhavi mudra and Mahamudra and Real Deep Spiritual Meaning, which I will explain in another separate article and video.

But in this article, We will talk only about Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya.
            So, What is

Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya

            Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya is the Combination of -
        1. Physical Yoga, 
        2. Breathing Exercises and 
        3. Meditation.
            I will show you, Shambhavi Mahamudra when you learn all the necessary things, which will prepare you, your mind and body for Mahamudra Kriya.

            In every session of Shambhavi, you are going to learn new things. Like we learn from the first session and this second session, so keep the track of what you learn from every session.

And Keep Practicing Everyday, OK?

            Shambhavi Mahamudra is not a one thing you can learn in minute, or hour or day, or week.

Shambhavi Mahamudra is a ❝ Spiritual Journey ❞.

            If you want to learn Modern Shambhavi Mahamudra quickly or fastly - like a crash course, then you should join "Inner engineering program" nearby you.

Because I am teaching you "Everything”, literally ‘Every-Thing’ from the scratch, from the Basic.

            And to learn all the things about Ancient Shambhavi Mudra, it will take some time.

As I told earlier, Shambhavi Mahamudra is a Spiritual Journey. It’s not a one thing you can learn in minute or hour or day or week. And this journey will only stop at the last breath of your life.
            And Now, Very Important thing...

The Variation of Shambhavi Mudra Second Session.

First Variation -
        Keep practicing second session everyday. And try to increase or reduce the holding time of Breath.

Like - for 1st week, Practice Holding Your Breath for 3 seconds or 3 Heartbeats.

In the second week, Try to Hold Your Breath for 5 seconds or 5 Heartbeats.

            Don't worry, You are not going to die for holding your breath for 5 seconds 😄.

What? don't believe me? Then Try it. Average Human beings are capable of holding their breath for 60 seconds.

            So don't worry. You are not going to die.

Second Variation of Shambhavi Mudra Session Second 

            In this second variation, You should try to Hold your Breath at Full and Empty Lungs. Let me explain, in the simple words.

When you Deep Breath-in Fully, HOLD your Breath for 3 Heartbeats or 3 Seconds. And then slowly Breath-out fully, again Hold your breath for 3 Heartbeats or 3 seconds.

            And Repeat this cycle for 10 to 20 minutes.

Until the next 3rd Session of Shambhavi, Keep Practicing this Second Session Everyday, 

            Tell Me, How was your Experience of Shambhavi Mudra Second Session with Me? How did you feel? Tell me in the comment of the Video, Love to Hear it from You.

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