Easy Pose (Sukhasana) How to do & Benefits

A girl doing meditation in Easy Pose / Sukhasana Yoga pose on the grass
Easy Pose / Sukhasana Yoga

              Pronunciation -      su-kha-sa-na
              Meaning -                     Sukha is the Sanskrit word and it means a 'Easy'. 
                                                                                  And asana means 'Posture' or 'Pose'.
              Difficulty -                   0 (zero out of 5)

How to do Easy Pose (Sukhasana) ?

Steps -

         1) Sit on the floor or on  Yoga Mat with leg straight.

         2) Slowly fold the left leg from knee and place the left foot under the right leg thigh.

         3) Now fold the right leg from knee and place the right foot under the left leg thigh.

Note -    

       a)  Your spine or backbone must be straight or erect.

       b) For Yoga & Meditation wear something comfortable clothes. Too tight cloths will distract you.
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        c) Do not practice Yoga on hard surface, it will hurt your skeleton and internal organs too. So must do on  Yoga Mat.
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Benefit -   

             a) This Pose helps to relax and calm your mind.
            b) This pose is really easy for beginner but after you comfortable in this pose try to meditate in other poses like Lotus Pose (Padmasana), Half Lotus Pose or Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose), they have their different benefits in meditation.

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