Mudra’s or Hand gesture for Meditation (Dhyan Mudra)

                       There are many Mudra's or Hand gesture in Meditation. But I am going to tell you most beneficial, healthy and relaxing Hand gesture.

                       Here is the list with their original Sanskrit names –

                                                 1. Dhyan mudra 

                                                 2. Gyan mudra 

                                                 3. Vaayu mudra 

                                                 4. Aakash mudra 

                                                 5. Shunya mudra 

                                                  6. Prithvi mudra 

                                                  7. Surya mudra 

                                                  8. Varun mudra 

                                                  9. Jal-Shaamak mudra 

                                                  10. Namaskar mudra 

                              So, first we start from Dhyan Mudra / hand gesture of Meditation.

1.  Dhyan Mudra (Gesture of Meditation) -

A buddhist tibetian monk doing meditation in Dhyan Mudra or Hand gesture for meditation, on bench in garden or park
Dhyan Mudra

                  This is most popular mudra or hand gesture used for Meditation. You can see most of meditation practitioner use this mudra for better concentration and meditation. You can see this mudra in most of Buddha’s statue.

                    First find a place which is not too noisy and crowded, where you will not get disturbed. Second wear something comfortable clothes. Too tight cloths will distract you. Here's, check out my clothes for Meditation & Yoga on Amazon, Click here, Meditation - Yoga Clothes.

            You can meditate sitting on the ground or chair or on 
 Yoga Mat (comfortable one), which I purchased from Amazon.

How to make Dhyan mudra ?

Steps -         

A Buddhist monk meditating in Dhyan Mudra or Hand gesture for Meditation, by creating a mystical triangle with the thumb
How to make Dhyan Mudra / Gesture of Meditation


                 1) After seating in yoga posture or pose for meditation, place your left hand in navel or bellybutton part of the body, with palm facing upward and fingers straight.

                 2) Now place the right hand above the left hand, with palm facing upward and fingers straight.

                 3) Then touch the tips of thumbs gently by little - bit folding fingers of both hand thus forming a mystic triangle with thumbs.

                 4) Now closed your eyes, take couple of deep breath and start Meditation.

Note - 

         i) The left hand palm must touch the back of finger of right hand.

        ii) The tips of thumbs must touch gently not forcefully otherwise you will hurt yourself and instead of meditation, inner peace you’ll fill disturbance and pain.

       iii) You can Meditate anytime - anywhere you want, try to meditate on  Yoga Mat (comfortable one), which I purchased from Amazon.

Benefit –

             i) This Mudra or gesture helps and let you to control your emotions or feelings.
            ii) This mudra increases concentration power.
           iii) This mudra help to enhance memory.    

                                              Next - Gyan Mudra


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