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Vishnu Mudra

                             Hi, Namaste🙏 and Welcome back to our Fitness Website. In this article, We will teach and show you -
        How to make Vishnu Mudra and 9 Benefits of Vishnu Mudra.

What is Vishnu Mudra
Vishnu Mudra

But First, Let's Start with the Meaning of Vishnu Mudra. 

What is Vishnu Mudra?

            In Hinduism, Vishnu is one of the 3 deities known as "Trimurti" i.e. Trinity of Hinduism. Vishnu's role is to balance and sustain the Universe
Brahma and Shiva role is to create and destroy. ( without destroying you can not create new things i.e. Recycling )
Vishnu Mudra is named in honor of the Lord Vishnu. Originally, this Yoga Mudra is called "Nasika Mudra". This is Sanskrit word, where Nasika means Nostril and Mudra means Hand Posture.

Use of Vishnu Mudra 

            Vishnu Mudra mostly used for 4 Pranayama ( Breathing Exercises )  i.e.   - 
  1. Surya Pranayama
  2. Chandra Pranayama
  3. Nadi Pranayama  and
  4. Loma Pranayama
            This 4 Pranayama attracts Inner Peace and bring Harmony in our Body and Mind. Which results in sustaining and balancing your life in this world. Which will be demonstrate on our YouTube Channel soon.

This mudra is use to activate the first three energy centers of the body i.e.
  • Muladhara (Root) Chakra,
  • Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra and
  • Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra
            Which we already done in our Video session 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Episode of Shambhavi on our YouTube channel.

Benefits of Vishnu Mudra

  1. It Reduce Anxiety and Stress.
  2. It Helps to balances Right and Left hemisphere of the body.
  3. Its Calm the nervous system.
  4. It Helps in and Improve Mental Clarity, Focus and Concentration.
  5. It Helps to stable the Mind and stop unwanted thoughts which prepares you for meditation.
  6. It Balances Hormonal functions.
  7. It Detoxify the body.
  8. It Energizes the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra.
  9. It Helps in reducing the "Lower Self".

How to make Vishnu Mudra

  • Sit in any Meditation Asana or posture you like, such that Lotus Pose, Easy Pose or Vajrasana
    Make sure, your spine is comfortably erect.
  • Relax your both hands on your knees. Completely relax your shoulders, elbows and palms.
    Take couple of Deep Breaths. Slowly - Deeply Breath-in and Breath-out.
  • Now bring your right hand in front of you.
  • See, I am going to bring my Index finger and Middle finger down and touch it to at the base of that Thumb.

    How to make Vishnu Mudra
    Vishnu Mudra Steps

  • Keep your Ring Finger, Little Finger and Thumb in slightly stretched, upright position or straight.
  • This is called "Vishnu Mudra" or "Nasika Mudra" when performing Breathing Exercise Pranayama. 
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