Extended hand to big-toe Pose | How to do & it's Benefit

              Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

A girl doing Extended hand to big-toe yoga pose on steps of home
Extended hand to big-toe Pose

           Pronunciation -  utthi-ta-hasta-padan-gusta-sana
           Meaning –              ‘ Utthita Hasta Padangustasana ’ is the Sanskrit word. 
                                                                           It means ‘Extended hand to big-toe”.
And asana means 'Posture' or 'Pose'.
            Difficulty –            6 out of 10. Depending on legs flexibility.

This is balancing asana or pose. Poor balance means restless mind or distracted attention.

How to do Extended hand to big-toe Pose ?                           or
Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

Steps –
A girl showing How to do Extended-hand-to-big-toe-pose on cliff
How to do Extended-hand-to-big-toe-pose

          1) Stand straight with legs together and hands straight down touch to the side of the thighs.

          2) While breath – in, bring your left foot by folding knee near to the bellybutton.

          3) Catch the big toe of left foot by left arm and extend leg forward. 
                               Stay in this pose or Hold this pose for few seconds or as much as you can.
                                10 seconds are enough for beginner.
                                Your breathing must be gentle and at normal depth.
                                Focus on Breathing also can help you to balance in this pose.
                                To maintain the balance focus on fixed point on wall or anything.

          4) Then slowly bring your heels back to the ground and hands at the sides of thighs.

           5) Now change the leg, this time take right foot & repeat steps 1, 2 & 3.

Note –

       a) While doing this Yoga pose, Do not bend forward or backward.
       b) Keep your head, neck and body in one line.

Important :-

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Benefit –

       a) Regular practice of this yoga pose improves balance and co-ordination of the body.
       b) This Yoga pose, stretches your lower body muscles and fibers.
       c) This Yoga pose, helps to strengthen thighs, knees and calf’s.
       d) This Yoga pose, helps to remove fatigue and laziness.

Limitation –

       a) Those who have knee-joint pain or ankle-joint pain should avoid to do Extended hand to big-toe Pose.
       b) Avoid this Yoga pose, if you are feeling like qualm or reel.

Variation –

       a) The variation of this Yoga pose goes in easy level for those people, who have tight hamstring and unable to do 'Extended hand to big-toe pose'.

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