Supta Padangusthasana | How to do and 5 Benefits

Supta Padangusthasana

              Supta Padangusthasana is also known as 'Reclining Hand to Big-Toe Pose'. Supta Padangusthasana is the variation of Padangusthasana. Supta Padangusthasana is the combination of 4 Sanskrit words, 'Supta' + 'Pada' + 'angusth' + 'asana'. Supta means 'lying down or reclining', Pada means 'Foot', Angusth means 'Big toe' and Asana means 'Pose'.

Yoga girl doing Supta Padangusthasana
Supta Padangusthasana

                                                   Pronunciation - supta-padan-gusta-sana
                                                   Difficulty level - 5 out of 10. ( Depending on legs flexibility.)

Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose

Yoga Girl doing Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose
Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose

Supta Padangusthasana

Steps -
  1. Lie - down on the back to floor or Yoga Mat with legs straight together and hands straight down touch to the side of the thighs or rest on mat. Take couple of deep breath & calm your mind.
  2. While breath - out, lift up your left leg, so it can make 90°degree angle with your body & floor.
  3. Now lift your upper body little bit, so you can catch the big toe of left foot by left arm. 
  4. Once you grab the big-toe, lay upper body on the floor, so it seems like 120°degree angle with your leg and floor.
    So here you will feel tremendous stretch to back of leg muscles. 
  5. Stay in this pose or Hold this pose for few seconds 10 seconds are enough for beginner.
    Your breathing must be gently and at normal depth, while doing this Yoga pose. 
  6. Then slowly bring your left leg back to the ground.
  7. Now change the leg, this time take right leg & repeat all steps.
Note -
  • While lifting up leg, do not bend second leg which is rested on the floor or mat.
  • The second leg or rested leg must be straight during this yoga pose.
  • For Yoga and Meditation wear something comfortable clothes. Too tight cloths will distract you.
  • Do not practice Yoga on hard surface, it will hurt your skeleton and internal organs too.
         So you must do Yoga on Yoga Mat.

Benefits of Supta Padangusthasana -

  1. Regular practice of this yoga pose stimulates Prostate gland.
  2. This Yoga pose strengthen knees. 
  3. This Yoga pose helps to strengthen hamstrings, thighs, groins and calf’s.
  4. This Yoga pose helps to improve digestion & relieves backache.
  5. This Yoga pose relieves arthritis pain in hips and knees.

Precautions of Supta Padangusthasana -

  1. Those who have knee-joint pain or ankle-joint pain should avoid to do Supta Padangusthasana or Reclining Hand to Big-Toe Pose.
  2. Avoid this Yoga pose, if you are feeling like qualm or reel.
  3. If you have a Low or High Blood Pressure, Headache and Insomnia then avoid this Yoga Pose.

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