Zen Meditation (ZaZen Meditation)

A girl doing Za Zen meditation
Zen Meditation

How to do Zen Meditation ?

                                                                “ZaZen” is the Japanese word and it means ‘seated meditation’. I think this is very easy type of meditation and if you are beginner or new at meditation, you should start from this type. Once you get perfect in Zen meditation and focusing on yourself then you should practice “ Mindfulness Meditation ” and then “ Loving Kindness Meditation ”. 
                                                      OK, Back to the How to do the Zen Meditation...
                                                      As you seat in comfortable    posture   and took   mudra   with your eyes closed, concentrate on your breathing or internal sound like Heart beat. Don’t chant any mantra or pray. Stop your thinking and thoughts. Focus when you are breathing – inhaling and exhaling. I Know its difficult but here is the way to stop your thoughts. Just Concentrate on your breathing – inhaling and exhaling. Just inhale and each time you exhale, count one number (1) and so on. Its up-to you when to stop counting (i.e at 10 or 30). If you get distracted because of thinking or thoughts loose your count, gently come back to 1 count and restart counting from there.

                        The more you practice this type of meditation, the more focus and concentration you get

Benefit of ZaZen meditation -

                                 ·        Meditation is used for reduce the stress.
                                 ·        Meditation improves our focus.           
                                 ·        The more we meditate , the less anxiety we have.
                                 ·        For better memory.

          So these are the main 3 type of Buddhist Meditation.

           1)    Mindfulness Meditation (Anapana sati)
           3)    Zen Meditation (ZaZen)

                                                                                     Next – Sound Meditation

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