Sound Meditation (Nada Meditation)

                                                      In previous 3 articles on Meditation, we saw 3 main type of Meditation. Sound Meditation comes in Other types of Mediation.

                                 A girl doing Sound meditation on beach
Sound Meditation / Nada meditation

How to do Sound Meditation (Nada Meditation) ?

                                                                As you seat in comfortable  posture  and took  mudra  with your eyes closed, focus on the external sound such as calm music, flowing water sound, clocks tick-tok sound or silence etc. Bring your all attention on just hearing that external sound. Don’t judge it, don’t define it, don’t give a specific name to it. Don’t think about it. Just hear it.

                                                   It helps you to calm your mind as well as your body. Once you get calmness, start hearing the internal sound of the body like your heart beat or breathing – inhale or exhale. Just listen to your body and think, what it wants?  What is missing in life?  What is the reason of it?  What you have to do about it?  How to overcome it?

                                                   That’s the main goal of this type of meditation, to hear the “Ultimate sound”(Para Nada).

Tip – Once you get perfect in Sound Meditation try Mindfulness Meditation and Loving Kindness Meditation.

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