Whats the Best Time for Exercise? | Best time for any workouts

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               So, from today on we are starting our Gym workout section in this Fitness website. Well, the first & most common question that everybody have "What’s the Best Time for Exercise?". And I mean any exercise like Yoga, Gym workouts, HIIT, Fat loss and Weight loss etc.

Which is the Best time for any Workouts ?

Best time for any Workouts Exercise
Best time for any workouts

              Is there really a BEST time to do exercise? Would I have more energy and better circulation if I switch to the a.m.? If I switch to p.m exercise, can I work out harder? because of lunch?

               As you might have suspected, morning and evening workouts each have their benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of working out at these times...

Benefit of Morning Workouts -

               Morning workouts gives boost to your metabolism early in the day. This will help you burn more calories in the morning and will leave you feeling energized throughout the day.

               Physical activity early in the morning increases blood flow to the brain and can improve mental acuity, making you more productive at work.

               Waking up early in the morning for exercise will help you sleep better at night. Your body will enjoy a healthy sense of fatigue at the end of the day and will be ready to sleep at night. Morning exercise not only improves the length of sleep you will enjoy, but also your quality of sleep by promoting deeper sleep cycles.

               Morning exercise develop Strong Self-Discipline. And it's a good habit, self discipline is important thing. Just Win the Morning and Run the day as you want or the Day runs you...

Note :- If you do exercise in the morning, be sure to do a good warm up to avoid injury. Eight hours of sleeping in the same position leaves muscles and joints stiff, so warm up with a short walk and some light stretching exercises. Avoid deep, intense stretches before working out.

Benefit of Evening Workouts -

              Muscles are already warm and flexible by late afternoon, so there is less risk of exercise muscle injury. While a warm up is still important, just a few minutes of light stretching exercises are enough at evening workout.

              Body temperature and hormone levels are at their highest in the after work hours or at evening, so this is the best time to work out for both endurance and muscle building fitness goals.

              Evening exercise is great for stress relief after a tough day at work.

              At evening you don't have to fight the crowds in Gym or Health club. You can workout harder for longer time and get reward from it 😄 i mean good Muscle growth.

Note :- If you’re an evening exerciser, don’t exercise too late in the day. Night time exercise raises your body’s temperature and heart rate. It interfere with the ability to go to sleep.

                       Well, now its up to you... choose your workout time according to your occupation. So, if you have Day job then workout at evening will be good for you. And if you have night shift job then workout at Morning.

                        I remember, when I was in college & high school I workout at evening because of Morning School & College time.

                       Whatever time of day you work out, it’s important to make the most of your precious time, right? With SKS 3 Fitness.com , you don’t need spend 2 hour gym sessions anymore! That’s right…just 30 minutes of your time is enough to achieve the results you want to see... Weight Loss or gain, Bulking Muscle and a toned Athletic Body.

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