Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) How to do & Benefits

Girl is showing how to do Bow Yoga Pose or Dhanurasana and its Benefit
How to do Bow Pose or Dhanurasana

                                      Pronunciation -          dha-nu-ra-sa-na
                                      Meaning – ‘Dhanur’ is the Sanskrit word. Dhanur means a ‘Bow’.
                                                                                                  And asana means 'Posture' or 'Pose'.
                                      Difficulty – 5 out of 10.

How to do Bow pose  or  Dhanurasana?

Steps –

         1) Lie down on your stomach with feet hip-width apart and place your arms at the side of your body.

         2) Take couple of deep breath and calm your mind.
                While breath – in, bend your knees and hold your ankles with your hands.

         3) While breath – out, lift off your chest & pull the legs up.

         4) Stay in this pose or Hold this pose for few seconds.
                 10 seconds are enough for beginner. 30 seconds to 1 minute are enough for everyone. 
                 Your breathing must be gentle and at normal depth, while doing this Yoga pose.

         5) Then slowly bring your chest and legs back to ground or yoga mat.
                 Now release the hold on ankles and bring hands back to the side of your body and relax for few seconds.

Note –

         a) Make sure only your Navel part of the body touches to the floor or yoga mat.
         b) Do not try to hold this yoga pose beyond your capacity.
         c) Do not hold your breath. Keep breathing while doing this pose.
         d) Let your body move or seesaw at step 4 because of breathing. Good massage for Gastric organs.

Benefit –

         a) Bow yoga pose strengthen legs, buttocks, spine & back muscles, shoulders and neck etc.

         b) Bow Pose helps to reduce excess fat around the belly, waist and hips.

         c) This yoga pose helps to stimulate reproductive organs.

         d) This Yoga pose, stretches & strengthen abdomen, lungs and thyroid.

         e) This Yoga pose, stimulate thyroid & pituitary glands.

          f) This Yoga pose, helps to remove fatigue and laziness.

Limitation –

         a) Those who have back pain or neck pain should avoid doing Bow pose.
         b) Those who have high blood pressure, hernia, peptic ulcer & any cardiac problems should avoid doing this Yoga pose.
         c) Avoid this Yoga pose, if you are feeling like qualm or reel.

Variation –

                 I discovered my own Variation of Bow pose, with my friend.
Watch below video for Variation of Dhanurasna or Bow Pose...


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