Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana) How to do & Benefits

A girl is showing Bridge Yoga Pose (Setu bandhasana)
Bridge Yoga Pose

                            Pronunciation -           setu-ban-dha-sa-na
                            Meaning –Setubandhasana ’ is the Sanskrit word. 
                                                                                 Setu-bandh means a ‘Formation of Bridge’
                                                                                      And asana means 'Posture' or 'Pose'.
                            Difficulty – 3 out of 10.

                                    This is variation pose of Wheel yoga pose.

                    * I will cover 3 different variations of Wheel Yoga Pose, in this same article.

How to do Bridge Pose  or  Setu bandhasana?

Steps –

How to do Bridge Yoga Pose or Setu bandhasana.
How to do Bridge Yoga Pose

          1) Lie down on the back on  Yoga Mat. As corpse yoga pose.

          2) Take couple of deep breath and calm your mind.
                    While breath – in, bend your knees and bring your feet close to buttocks.

          3) While breath – out, hold your ankle joints.

          4) Now take 1 deep breath – inhale and while exhaling slowly raise first your hip / buttocks then lower back.  Keep your neck & shoulder on the floor.
                    If you want, you can release your grip around ankle joints & can put hands on the floor, like above pic.
                    Stay in this pose or Hold this pose for few seconds.    
                    10 seconds are enough for beginner. 30 seconds to 1 minute are enough for everyone.

          5) Then slowly bring back first your hip and then back .
                    Now release the folded legs and come to starting position as corpse pose.

Note –

        a) Your neck and Shoulder firmly touch to the floor or yoga mat.
        b) In step 4, do not hurry to lift buttocks and back.
        c) Do not try to hold this yoga pose beyond your capacity.
        d) You can place your palms on floor or keep grip on ankle joints, while doing Bridge Yoga Pose.

* Important :-

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Benefit –

        a) Bridge yoga pose strengthen legs, buttocks, spine & back muscles, shoulders and neck etc.

        b) This yoga pose, stretches & strengthen abdomen, lungs and thyroid.

        c) This Yoga pose, stimulate thyroid & pituitary glands.

        d) This Yoga pose, helps to remove fatigue and laziness.

Limitation –

      a) Those who have back pain or neck pain also should avoid doing Wheel pose.
      b) Those who have high blood pressure & any cardiac problems should avoid doing this Yoga pose.
      c) Avoid this Yoga pose, if you are feeling like qualm or reel.


If your body flexibility level is extreme & regular yoga practioner -

* For advanced extreme flexibility yoga practioner,

Other Variations of Wheel Yoga Pose.

 a) You can lift your heels as shown in image below, for more stress in spine & upper body.

A girl is doing Wheel Pose Basic Variation at the side of bridge.
Wheel Yoga Pose Basic Variation

 b) You can lift off one leg from floor. Shift your weight onto one foot and raise another foot, as shown in image below. This variation of Wheel Pose called "Bridge pose with one leg up (Ekopada Dhanurasana plus)".

A girl is showing Wheel Yoga PoseChakrasana Advance Variation
Wheel Yoga Pose Advance Variation

 c) You can lift off only one hand & can put it on chest. Shift your weight onto 1 hand & another on chest, it’s only for advanced flexibility, regular yoga practioner (Both legs & 1 hand must be on floor ).

A girl is doing Chakrasana or Wheel Yoga Pose Advance Variation
Chakrasana Advance Variation

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