Headstand Pose (Shirshasana)

             Headstand Pose (Shirshasana)

A girl doing Shirshasana / Headstand Yoga Pose on the beach
Headstand Yoga Pose

                             Pronunciation -       shir-sha-sa-na
                             Meaning –Shirshasana ’ is the Sanskrit word. Shirsha means a ‘Head’.
                                                                                    And asana means 'Posture' or 'Pose'.
                             Difficulty – 3 out of 10.

                                  This is Balencing Yoga Pose. Poor balance means restless mind or distracted attention.

How to do Headstand pose ?

Steps –

A man is showing How to do Shirshasana/Handstand Pose at the beach
How to do Handstand Pose

                  1) Sit in the Thunderbolt Yoga Pose (Vajrasana).

                 2) Take couple of deep breath and calm your mind.
                            Now lean forward in Vajrasana and place your elbow & palms on the floor or Yoga mat at shoulder – width apart or interlock your fingers of both hands, as shown in below image.

A girl is showing how to Interlock fingers for Headstand / shirshasana
Headstand interlock fingers

                 3) Now place top of the head / skull flat on the floor or yoga mat.

                 4) Now it’s really important to keep your mind calm, while doing this step.

A girl is doing Shirshasana / Headstand step 4
Headstand steps

                               Slowly lift – up your legs from the floor and straight the knees (not bended). 

                 5) Stay in this pose or Hold this pose for few seconds, with normal breathing.
                            30 seconds are enough for beginner. 30 seconds to 1:30 minute is enough for everyone.
                            Your breathing must be gentle and at normal depth, while doing this Yoga pose.

                6) Then slowly come to the starting position.
                            Slowly bring your legs to the floor and again seat in Vajrasana.

                7) If you are new to Yoga and you are unable to balance this yoga pose, just do the same steps only near to wall or anything you can take support.

Note –

      a) Your mind MUST be calm while doing Headstand yoga pose or you will lose balance and fall on the ground.
      b) If you want to keep continuous balance in Headstand, gently breath is the key.

Benefit –

      a) Headstand increase blood flow to the head and scalp.
      b) This Yoga pose, improves blood flow to the eyes.
      c) This yoga pose, strengthen your arms and shoulder.
      d) This Yoga pose, improve digestion and stimulates Lymph system.
      e) This Yoga pose, helps to remove fatigue, laziness and improve focus, concentration.

Limitation –

     a) Those who have High / Low Blood Pressure problem shouldn’t try to do Headstand.
     b) If you are Heart patient or have heart problem should avoid doing this Yoga pose.
     c) For women, if you are in menstruation period should avoid Head Stand Yoga pose.

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