Why Men need Yoga more than Women do...

Yoga for Men

                       When we talk about Exercise or Workout, what do you think a guy / men doing?  - Lifting a weights dumbbell, barbell in Gym etc. 

Weightlifter lifting barbell weight in Gym Yoga for Men
A Man lifting weight

                      And what do you think a women doing?  - Yoga.  ….Right. But recently a women also started to lift dumbbells and barbells in Gym. Because both sex  (men and women) needs to fit, strength and healthy body.

A beautiful girl doing body workout with dumbbells in gym Yoga for Men
Girl lifting dumbbells

                                                      But, What about the Yoga for Men?
                                                                Too feminine???

                  So, Today we are going to talk about - 

                               Why Men must do Yoga more than Women?

              One important thing, science proved that Yoga has benefits for both sexes. Still men are shy, they think its feminine and stay away from it. When I was Gym instructor in Nasik, Maharashtra (India)… I observed that they really think the Yoga would make men more sensitive like women’s. And another reason was they fill uncomfortable in different Yoga poses, because they think these poses are for women’s not for men’s.

               As I said earlier, Science proved the Yoga has benefits for both sexes. Yoga is not only for Women’s. Even though Science also proved that Men should / must practice Yoga more than Women do. Why, because  researches and observation did on 2016 on all population on earth (specially, USA, Russia, Asian countries-China, India, Japan etc) on male and female, observation studies shows that stress level percentage in male/men are much higher than female.

A stressed women working on laptop Yoga for Men
Stressed Women
A man in Stress at work doing Yoga for Men
Stressed Men

Stress percentage in male are 80 % higher than female.

                      According to the observation studies 75 % men in stress and only 30 % women in stress. And 70 % men agree on negative impact of stress in their job, personal life and health. As a result 68% men do nothing for stress. Yoga is better and cheaper option to relieve the stress in other drug industry. Yoga is made for that reason, to calm your mind, relieve stress and focus on good things.

                    Another report from studies, in the last 30 years, the percentage of Obesity and Diabetes in men are too much higher than women.

Percentage of Obesity in Men are much higher than Women Yoga for Men
A man checking his Sugar level in blood for Diabetes Yoga for Men

Its increased by 40 % in Men and 15 % in women’s. 

                                              Yoga also helps to reduce Obesity and control, reduce sugar level in Diabetes patient by fat loss, Improving BMI and reduce circumference of waist.

           Another report on Alcoholism and Male Infertility. 

A girl drinking alcohol at bar with black dress Yoga for Men
Women drinking Alcohol

A men sleep on desk after drinking alcohol Yoga for Men
Drunk Men

                   We all know men’s drink alcohol more than women and we all know effect or risk of excessive alcohol drinking, liver damage, lung cancer and Death. BUT,

The graph of Male infertility Yoga for Men
Infertility in Men

                      But scientist also proved that effect of excessive alcohol drinking causes Males Infertility problems like Abnormal Ejaculation, Lower Testosterone level, Testicular Shrinkage, Erectile dysfunction, Less live sperm count etc.

                      All right now that’s enough to tell you why men needs to do Yoga more than women. Now just see the Advantage of Yoga for Men in short.

                      Yoga improves your quality of sleep by reducing stress level and increase Oxytocin hormone (Happy hormone). Also helps to control your emotion. With better control over emotion and stress will help you stay more focus, creative and productive all day along. By regular practice of Yoga improve body flexibility because of that (flexibility) there is less chance of workout injuries.

                       For the men’s who regularly hits the Gym, goes to the gym, lifting the weights, Can you tell me how much weight do you lift in the Gym? 99% male professional Bodybuilders, Athletes told that they never try to lift the weight which is more than their own body weight. 

                       For example, a 75 kg weight person (bodybuilder, athletes) never tries to lift 80 kg barbell or dumbbell weights. And in Yoga you lift only your body weight, which make you enough healthy and fit as you and your body requires. After weight training, the fibers in muscles (which is responsible for increase muscularity) gets broken. 

                       To increase Muscularity in men, we need to repair these broken fibers. And it takes completely 72 hours with perfect nutrition, health supplement. But with Yoga, if you practice Yoga after your Weight training in Gym, your broken fibers get recover in 24 hour, reduce the stress level, improve quality sleep, makes you more muscular.

“ Yoga is best cheaper health supplement and medicine than available in any industrial market.”

                        No side effect, No tension, helps you to achieve your any goals like weight loss, muscularity, fat loss, bodybuilding, all other sports etc. You don’t need any special equipment to practice Yoga, like in gym. Improve body flexibility, lower chances of injury. Improve your immunity by increasing stamina and digestion. It sculpts muscle by lifting your own body weight. Yoga helps in better sex by reducing not only stress but also other sex problems mentioned above in this article. 

                        Yoga, prevent workout injuries- it s good for warm-up to reduce injuries before weight training and after weight training helps to build Muscle Fiber fast to make you more muscular. It calms your mind, control emotion, improve memory, lower blood pressure, reduce heart attack chances, reduce chance of Arthritis by improving mobility and functionality in your bones etc.

                        Just one last note, Yoga is only all rounder health supplement which don’t have any side effects. You want to lose weight, reduce body fat, wants to look muscular, want to gain body weight…Yoga is better and cheaper option. One more thing, do you want to know . . . Why Yoga is still dominated by women? And why men stay away from Yoga? The answer is Advertiser. Yes, you read it and hear it correctly, the Advertiser. The Advertiser shows only women in doing yoga or in yoga mat and other related health products. That’s why today’s men think yoga is only for women’s not for theme.

                         But I am telling you and science also proved that the Yoga has benefit for both sexes. In fact men’s needs to practice Yoga more than women’s do. Just do it and accomplish what you never accomplish before……

Live Your Dreams And Truly Master Your Life!!!  

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