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What is Yoga? What are Benefit of Yoga? What's in it?

What is Yoga really...!!!

                    Yoga.  Yoga is the way of healthy life style. Now the whole world and modern science accepted the benefits and importance of yoga. The Yoga is originated in India, before 2700 BC.

                                               The Yoga is the Sanskrit word and it means ‘Unite’ or ‘Join’ the body and mind.”

                                                         The good health is the privilege of every human being. Health is positive concept. Yoga is the most powerful and safe and well known healing technique approved by science and whole world. And important thing is the Yoga is only one drug less healing techniques. 

                                                    Yoga is truly helpful to keep yourself physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally well balanced.”

                                                         In Yoga, posture or asana are important things. Here are some ‘Yoga Posture for Meditation’ which anybody can do anywhere you want. Yoga is only for developing physical, mental and emotional health. Normally, Yoga have to practice in dawn or morning with empty stomach. Yoga can also practice in the evening with three – four hour after lunch or empty stomach. 

                                                The Yoga practice must be done on soft surface like Yoga mat or blanket, in non – disturbing place. 
A folded Yoga mat on wooden surface
Yoga Mat

                                         Do not practice Yoga on hard surface or floor, it will hurt your skeleton and internal organs too. So must do on Yoga mat or blanket.

A girl doing Yoga on Yoga Mat, So internal organs did not get hurt because of hard surface
Yoga Mat 1

                                                                     On  11th December 2014, the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) approved the proposal to celebrate ‘June 21’ as the “International Yoga Day”.

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