Chakra Meditation (Center of Energy Meditation)

                                                                            Chakra means Center of Energy.

Meditation on 7 Chakras in human body

Chakra Meditation (Center of Energy)

How to do Chakra Meditation ?

                                                            Chakra means Center of Energy. There are 7 (Seven) center of energy(chakra) in the body. First start from the ‘Root chakra’, second is ‘Sacral chakra’, third is ‘Solar chakra’, fourth is ‘Heart chakra’, fifth is ‘Throat chakra’, sixth is ‘Third Eye Chakra’, seventh is ‘Crown Chakra’. Mostly this type of meditation done on Heart chakra and third (3rd ) eye chakra.

                                                So Heart chakra is the astral layer. Heart chakra is located at the center of chest (not the left side of chest). As you seat in comfortable    posture   and took   mudra   with your eyes closed. Concentrate on your breathing when you are inhaling and exhaling. Stop your thinking and thoughts. Don’t let thoughts to distribute and distract or disturb you. It helps you to calm your mind as well as your body. Once you get calmness, start hearing the internal sound of the body like your heart beat.

                                                Feel the heart. Its beating. Feel its presence. Visualize how heart working. Feel that energy which is responsible for beating the heart. And lose yourself in Visualization of Heart Chakra.
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