How to do Meditation ? Wisely

                How To Meditate ?

Girl doing meditation in the garden
How to do Meditation

                                                 First find a place which is not too noisy and crowded, where you will not get disturbed. Second wear something comfortable clothes. Too tight cloths will distract you.

                                                         For meditation your posture must be comfortable and relax.  Seat in comfortable posture or pose.  I prefer   'Lotus pose' (Padmasana), ‘Half lotus pose’ and  'Thunder-bolt pose'(Vajrasana) for meditation. Take any   Mudra   (hand gesture) you like for meditation. I prefer   Dhyan mudra   and   Gyan mudra for meditation. We  can meditate seating on the ground or chair. Now close your eyes and take couple of deep breath to get and feel more relax. Don’t chant any mantra or pray. 

                                                          Concentrate on your breathing or internal sound like Heart beat. Stop your thinking and thoughts. When your mind is distracted because of thoughts, gently recognize that you have been distracted and bring back  your attention on when you are inhale and exhale. Don’t follow your thinking, it leads you to the question. Therefore, Don’t stick to the question and thinking. Focus when you are inhaling and exhaling.

                                                         Then you reach at the new state of mind, that state called as "Meditation" i.e. "Thoughtless Awareness". Or “Zero Thinking”.

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